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Walrus Cove

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Walrus Cove
Location Snowflake Mountain
Balloon(s) required 3 (race)
11 (challenge)
Transportation Car (default), Hovercraft
Meet T.T. (N64) 2:10.00
Beat T.T. 2:06.28
Notes A looping ice slide is present near the start of the level.
Course navigation
Previous Everfrost Peak
Next Snowball Valley

Walrus Cove is the second race course of the Snowflake Mountain area of Timber's Island, the sixth main race track, and the seventh overall track in the games Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. Despite its name, no walruses appear in Walrus Cove. Three Golden Balloons are needed to open this course, and then eleven for the Silver Coin Challenge (or Balloon Touch Challenge in the Nintendo DS remake). This is also the first racetrack to have at least one loop.

The cove has a massive ice slide which bends upwards. Zippers at the foot of the slide allow the players to traverse it.

The standard vehicle for this course is the car, but the hovercraft becomes available either during Time Trials or after this course is completed. In the Nintendo DS version, the water near the end of the track acts as normal water. In the original version, it bounces the player's car until they reach land; the water doesn't affect hovercrafts.


The tracks starts with the racers immediately going into a cave before going onto an icy loop-the-loop. After this part of the track, the racers go upwards in a spiral up out of the cave, before going over an icy straight with some Zippers that leads back into a cave following a left-hand turn. The racers then exit the cave and spiral down a snowy path, before entering the final section, which is made up of icebergs and the water between them, before getting back to the start line. On a branching path in the iceberg section, if the player goes on the left path they can get a Rainbow Balloon.

Silver Coin locations

Adventure mode

  • Just before the loop-the-loop section.
  • After the loop-the-loop section, near a cave wall just as it begins spiraling upwards.
  • Right next to a wooden fence on the left, just after the corner leading to the second cave.
  • Near the exit of the second cave, close to a cave wall on the right.
  • Just after the set of Weapon Balloons as the course spiral down on the snowy path.
  • Close to the water, just before the iceberg section.
  • Next to a tree on the right of the course in the iceberg section, just before the path splits in two.
  • After the rainbow Weapon Balloon on the left-hand path in the iceberg section.

Adventure Two mode

  • Close to the wall on the right side of the track, just after the entrance of the cave.
  • In the middle, at the end of the loop-the-loop section.
  • On the left side of the track, after some Bananas.
  • On the left side of the track, after entering the second cave.
  • In the middle of the shortcut, after exiting the second cave.
  • Right next to a tree, near the water.
  • On the right side of the track, before it splits into branching paths.
  • Not long after a tree on the left branching path, near the water.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スノーコースター
Sunō Kōsutā
Snow Coaster
French Baie du Morse Walrus Bay
German Walrossbucht (N64)
Walrosshaff (DS)
Walrus Bay
Walrus Lagoon
Italian Baia del Tricheco Walrus Bay
Spanish Cueva de la Morsa Walrus Cave