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Snowflake Mountain

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Snowflake Mountain
Snowflake Mountain.png
The lobby of Snowflake Mountain in Diddy Kong Racing
Franchise Donkey Kong
First appearance Diddy Kong Racing (1997)
Latest appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS (2007)
Located Timber's Island
Ruler Bluey

Snowflake Mountain is the second world of Diddy Kong Racing and its Nintendo DS remake Diddy Kong Racing DS. It is a mountainous area covered in snow, as the name would suggest. Snowflake Mountain's courses include frozen ponds, giant snowballs, and a single village in one course. A character can enter the world by flying a Plane over a cliff in the snowy region of Timber's Island. At least two Golden Balloons are required to enter Snowflake Mountain. The world's boss is Bluey.

Snowflake Mountain's lobby consists of the course doors mounted on the mountain cliffs with the Trophy Race located in a cavern next to the igloo, which houses Bluey's Course. The challenge level is located off to the right of the entrance.


For courses where two or all three vehicles can be used, vehicles listed in bold print are the mandated vehicle during Adventure Mode and the Trophy Race, and other vehicles can only be used in a Time Trial or after the course is completed.

Course Unlock requirement Vehicles Description
Everfrost Peak
Golden Balloon DKR64 sprite.png 2 (race)
Golden Balloon DKR64 sprite.png 10 (Silver Coin/Balloon Pop Challenge)
Car (N64 only), Hovercraft, Plane Everfrost Peak is set in a carved snow canyon. It is the first snow-themed track of the game.
Walrus Cove
Golden Balloon DKR64 sprite.png 3 (race)
Golden Balloon DKR64 sprite.png 11 (Silver Coin/Balloon Pop Challenge)
Car, Hovercraft Like the rest of Snowflake Mountain, Walrus Cove also takes place in an icy region. Despite its name, few walruses can be seen. The level mainly features a looping ice slide.
Snowball Valley
Golden Balloon DKR64 sprite.png 6 (race)
Golden Balloon DKR64 sprite.png 14 (Silver Coin/Balloon Pop Challenge)
Car, Hovercraft Snowball Valley features large snowballs that can crush racers, and they even become larger from rolling downhill. Its road is slippery and icy. The racers also enter an igloo shortly before the finish line. The player can also find the second Wish Key in an alcove, located at the end of a trail located directly left of the finish line.
Frosty Village
Golden Balloon DKR64 sprite.png 9 (race)
Golden Balloon DKR64 sprite.png 16 (Silver Coin/Balloon Pop Challenge)
Car, Hovercraft, Plane Frosty Village begins with a huge downward slope that can be skipped with a Zipper and balloon. After the first cave, the player can turn right for a shortcut. After the second cave, there is water. All three vehicles can be used. It takes place around a village, giving it its name. In the remake, it is easier to take the shortcut.
Bluey's Course.png
Boss race:
Bluey's Course
First match:
Golden Balloon DKR64 sprite.png 10 + every track completed
Golden Balloon DKR64 sprite.png 17 + every track completed
Hovercraft The player races against the world boss, Bluey the Walrus. The track is snowy and is a downhill slide. Like Tricky, it only has one lap. There is a tunnel in one segment, and giant snowballs just outside the tunnel. When the player rematches Bluey, he races faster.
Challenge Level:
Icicle Pyramid
N64: Snowball Valley's Wish Key
DS: 30 coins
Car Icicle Pyramid is set in a three-story ice pyramid. It is similar to the Battle Courses of the Mario Kart series. A racer's goal is to simply attack the other racers with from red and green Weapon Balloons placed over the stage. A racer loses if hit by an item four times.

In Diddy Kong Racing DS, Icicle Pyramid was replaced with a Wish Race against T.T. in the Adventure Mode, and was repurposed into a multiplayer-exclusive battle stage like the other Challenge Levels


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スノーゾーン
Sunō Zōn
Snow Zone
French Montagne Flocon Flake Mountain
German Schneeberg Snow Mountain
Italian Monte Fioccodineve Mount Snowflake
Spanish Montaña Copo de Nieve Snowflake Mountain