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Rareware Wiki:Coverage

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Rareware Wiki is a wiki all about Rare Ltd., a company that has produced several video games, merchandise, and other media. This page is to clarify the coverage that is allowed on the wiki and what is not.

First and foremost, Rareware Wiki is about Rare themselves, their franchises (e.g. Banjo-Kazooie), and any other games they have developed (e.g. Donkey Kong Country).

What is allowed

Any games that have been developed and/or published by Rare can be covered here. This includes properties belonging to other companies, such as Nintendo's Donkey Kong franchise, although one should only cover the appearances with Rare's involvement (e.g. we don't need an article about Donkey Kong 3 because it is unrelated). However, related media, such as Club Nintendo comics based on Rare's Donkey Kong games, may also be covered.

Any subjects within media produced or published by Rare may receive their own article, such as characters, items, locations, and enemies. For franchises not owned by Rare, such as Donkey Kong, the articles can also cover their appearances in non-Rare media if it is directly based on Rare's Donkey Kong games. For instance, the Super Smash Bros. series draws several references to the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy and Donkey Kong 64, so these can be covered in the respective Donkey Kong-related articles. However, the Mario sports games establish the Donkey Kong-related subjects differently and rarely references any of the Donkey Kong games produced by Rare, so they are not generally included within our scope. Donkey Kong subjects that infrequently appear outside of Rare's games, such as Expresso, may have all of their appearances covered, although in sections separate from Rare's Donkey Kong games. Otherwise, articles like Diddy Kong or Dixie Kong only cover the appearances that are directly based on or heavily inspired by Rare's Donkey Kong games, under an "Appearances in related media" section.


  • Video game designers: Make sure the video game designer has helped Rare create a video game.
  • Video game products: This includes memorabilia, soundtracks, and any other merchandise relating to Rare.
  • Video game companies: Make sure the company has collaborated with Rare.
  • Walkthroughs: When writing a walkthrough, be sure to use the Walkthrough namespace (i.e. the "Walkthrough:" prefix).
  • Credits: The credits of a video game. If you included uncredited people, be sure you make note of it in the article. A game credits page should be titled "List of [game name] credits."
  • Galleries: We allow image and media galleries for subjects on the "Gallery:" namespace, whether it be a game, a company, a video game designer, a concept, or a subject in general.