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Not to be confused with Chomps Jr..
Artwork of a Chomps for Donkey Kong Country
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (2007, overall)
Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Advance) (2003, Rare-related)
Chomps Jr.
“The waters of Donkey Kong Country are infested with many sharks!”
Donkey Kong Country manual, page 30

Chomps, also named Sharks,[1] are underwater shark enemies who populate the waters of Donkey Kong Island. They first appear in Donkey Kong Country. Chomps resemble tiger sharks and swim at moderate speed, biting any Kong upon contact. They have a smaller variant, known as Chomps Jrs.


Donkey Kong Country

The Kongs and Enguarde above a Chomps in Coral Capers
A Chomps next to the letter Y in the Game Boy Color remake

In Donkey Kong Country, Chomps are encountered in three of the four underwater levels: Coral Capers, Clam City, and Croctopus Chase. Although Chomps are larger than some underwater enemies, such as Bitesizes, they have the same strength as them. Chomps are the slowest moving underwater enemy, although their height compensates for this because it is easier for the Kongs hit into them. Like Bitesizes and Chomps Jrs., Chomps swim around in a slightly wavy fashion. They can only be defeated from Enguarde's stab attack.

In the Game Boy Color version, a sticker of Chomps with the "Y" letter can be printed from the Game Boy Printer.

Donkey Kong Country (comic)

Two Chomps in the Club Nintendo comic

In the Club Nintendo comic adaptation of Donkey Kong Country, two Chomps try to attack Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. They are supposedly a part of the "Chomp Police". This seems to be a self-promoted position, given that the Chomps are disliked by the other underwater creatures.

Donkey Kong Land

Chomps DKL sprite.png

Chomps return in Donkey Kong Land, although they borrow the appearance of Chomps Jrs. from Donkey Kong Country. This is suggested by an official Donkey Kong Land guide bookMedia:SuperDonkeyKongGB guide.jpg in Japan, which lists the regular Chomps as an enemy instead of Chomps Jr.

Chomps roam the submerged parts of Kremlantis, being found in Kremlantis Kaos, Chomp's Coliseum, and Nautilus Chase. Like the other underwater enemies, Chomps cannot be defeated because of Enguarde's absence from the game. Although this is the case, unused defeat sprites for Chomps still exist within the game.

Donkey Kong Racing

Tiny swimming near a Chomps in the trailer for Donkey Kong Racing

A few Chomps are seen in the trailer for the canceled Donkey Kong Racing, in the background while the logo is shown and underwater while Tiny Kong and Diddy Kong are riding on a regular Enguarde and a purple Enguarde, respectively.




Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョンプス[2]
Spanish Chomps -


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